SAC 2021

Race Route

MTB Section

  1. Duathlon Category A, B – Stage 1 of Duathlon 40km
  2. Duathlon Category C (Sprint) – Stage 1 of Duathlon 20km
  3. MTB Category F (MTB Sprint) – 20km
  4. MTB Category G (Full MTB) – 40km

Rolling start – riders will be led out by a marshall vehicle for just over 2 km to the start of the mountain bike section.

The mountain bike stage will cover a variety of terrain over approximately 40 km. The first section is along a winding village road connecting the communities. All the trails and turns will be marked, so keep a watch out for the signage as there are many trails and only the race route is marked.

The first part of the race through the villages road is hard surface, with a number of hills and turns. The communities are aware of the race but the roads are not closed, so be wary of on-coming traffic. After the hard surface road will be a series of flowing plantation roads. Watch for trail markers as there are many roads. Following the plantation road, the trail turns to an off-road section that has some hike-a-bike sections. This leads to some twisty single track through local farmland before emerging on the road. The next section is back on to the community roads and then a section in the forest again. There are some tricky technical sections, and a couple of climbs and descents. The final section of the MTB is through forest trails that lead back to the start / finish. This will require crossing a busy road. There will be marshals, but caution is required.

For the 20km sprint event there will be a ‘cut-out’ at approximately the 10 km mark. This route will take the riders through plantation roads and eventually to the community road to rejoin the main mountain bike trail. The finish will be through the forest trails that lead back to the start/finish. As with the longer race, the 20km MTB will be required to cross a busy road to get to the finish. There will be marshals, but caution is required.

There will be two water stations en route.

Trail Run Section

  1. Duathlon Category A, B, C – Stage 2 of Duathlon (12km)
  2. Trail Run Category D – 12km

Competitors will be flagged off in waves to reduce numbers in any one group. Much of the trail run will be on jungle paths where the terrain will be uneven with lots of roots, rocks and steep descents and climbs so caution is required during the run. The majority of the trail is forest covered through local farmland. There will be small stream and river crossings where you might get wet. Some scrambling across rocky stretches and steep descents will be required. The running trail finishes on the same trail used by the MTB so watch for signs (and watch for riders). The trail will be marked throughout so make sure you are following the right trail.

The running is along natural forest trails and through farms and these can be wet and slippery. The trail goes over a local mountain and the descent is via a boulder path, passable, but not run-able. Caution is required throughout. There will be plenty of opportunities for running leading to and from the mountain. There will also be two water stations; the first at approximately 3 km and the second at approximately 7 km.