Gear List

Mandatory Gear

  • Mountain bike
  • Proper trail running shoes
  • Bicycle helmet


Recommended Gear

  • Water bottles or water bag (1.5L)
  • Full finger glove is advisable for all stages (Bike, Trail and River)
  • Extra energy: Gel/Bars
  • A toolkit that includes: inner tubes / pump or 2-3 CO2 cartridges / Puncture repair kit/ Allen wrench multi tool with chain tool / spare derailleur hanger / spare chain link (magic link) / zip or cable ties etc.
  • A mobile telephone with functioning reception, with zip lock or water proof wallet for phone
  • Mountain bike shoes (optional – there are some hike-a-bike sections)
  • Pocket money – just in case
  • Backpack to carry the above items


Technical Support For Bike

There will be limited mechanical support available at the start / finish line, but not during the race. The bike technicians will have a variety of parts to sort out most common problems. We recommend you have your bike serviced before you arrive so it is ready to go.