Event Organiser

Draco Action Sports

Sarawak Challenge (sarawakchallenge.com) is an outdoor event platform owned and operated by Draco Action Sports. This entity is a joint venture between two industry veterans to focus on sports and event management. The aim of Draco Action Sports is to:


  • Promote outdoor sports events
  • Pioneer new outdoor tourism projects, activities and operation
  • Encourage wider participation in outdoor events
  • Promote visitation to Sarawak


With over 40 years experience organising events, tours and logistics, Draco Action Sports draws on the combined expertise, knowledge and experience of Borneo Adventures and Paradesa Borneo. With successful track records in pioneering tourism products, they have handled the logistics and organisation for a wide range of events including the Raid Gauloises, corporate sports events, mountain bike events, running events, film crews as well as group tour arrangements.

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Race Directors

Robert Basiuk – active in a variety of outdoor pursuits, Robert has been participating in and organising tours and events for most of his life. Resident in Sarawak for over 30 years, he was a route coordinator for the Raid Gauloises when it was held in Borneo and very much involved in the Sarawak mountain biking scene.

JC Chua – returning home to Sarawak and loving it’s great outdoors, JC Chua was surprised by the lack of international adventure sports competition in the state and is determined to put that right. In his day job, he has pioneered many cycling tours @ Paradesa Borneo. Living an active and healthy lifestyle, he is a devotee to the sport of Triathlon (MTB / trail running / drinking).