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Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2023: Pueh Challenge

New for this year, the Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2023: Pueh Challenge will be held in conjunction with the Inaugural “Borneo Outdoor Fest 2023”. This 1-day event will be held on Sunday, 29th October 2023, on the Day 2 of BOF.

Sematan Outdoor

Sematan Outdoor Club– An adventure club based in Sematan town aiming to promote healthy lifestyle. For the past 2 decades, the club has actively participated in adventures throughout Sarawak and beyond. For SAC 2023, Sematan Outdoor Club is proud to co-organise the Sunset Beach Fun Run / Ride on October 28th.

Pro Outdoors Gears

Pro Outdoors Gears members club will be coordinating the management of Camping and camp sites during the BOF. They will be handling the reservation of campsites and rental of tents. They are also the go-to people with regards to camping arrangements.

Altidude Climbing Company

Altidude Climbing Company is the pioneer of wall climbing in Sarawak, and they will be conducting climbing workshops, training, and product demos during the Borneo Outdoor Festival.

Premier Marine & Scuba Center

PMSC is the only PADI 5-Star Dive Centre in Kuching offering a wide range of PADI programs and courses ranging from entry level to professional. We are also the only facility in Borneo to offer Adaptive Scuba.

At BOF, on top of scuba diving, we will be highlighting two new programs from PADI, which are the Mermaid and Adaptive Scuba. Workshops will be conducted for both programs.


SAKTA 4×4 Adventure Tour

SAKTA, the organizer of the Sarawak International 4×4 Jamboree, will be sharing their knowledge and experience at the Borneo Outdoor Festival. They will be conducting workshops on how to set up 4×4 vehicles for off-road adventures, as well as demonstrating techniques for driving and camping in challenging terrain. SAKTA will also be assisting with traffic management and parking for the 4×4 campers during the event.


Drone training

Drones Kaki Sarawak will be conducting a drone demonstration, drone safety workshop, and aerial photography workshop at the Borneo Outdoor Festival. These workshops are open to beginners and experienced drone pilots alike.

The drone demonstration will showcase the latest in drone technology and the variety of uses possible. The drone safety workshop will teach you how to fly your drone safely and responsibly. The aerial photography workshop will show you how to take stunning aerial photos and videos. https://www.facebook.com/droneskakisarawak

Amatuer Radio Club Sarawak

The Amateur Radio Club Sarawak is hosting a workshop on how to use ham radio to stay safe in the outdoors. The workshop will cover topics such as how to use ham radio to stay in touch, call for help in an emergency, and share information about the outdoors. Participants will also get hands-on experience using ham radio equipment.

The workshop is open to all outdoor enthusiasts, regardless of experience level. It is a valuable opportunity to learn how to use ham radio to stay safe in the outdoors, and it could potentially save your life.



iSports – Manufacturer of lightweight, short-sleeve jerseys are the best option for summer cycling. Look out for jerseys with mesh panels for ventilation, which make use of the airflow generated by the rider, and can help keep you cool on the move – even on a still day.

Semadang Kayak


Semadang Kayak is a locally owned and operated adventure company based in Kuching, Sarawak. They have been operating since 2011 and offer a variety of tours, including river kayaking, bamboo rafting, caving, and jungle trekking. Their tours are all led by experienced and certified guides who ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Health Coach International

Health Coach International is an organization dedicated to helping you achieve good health using an integrative approach. Good health is not just being free from illnesses; it also means being fit, and living a long and happy life.

We have a team of certified health coaches that includes medical doctors, nutritionists, physical trainers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and more – all skilled in the area of behaviour change, to help you reach your desired health goals.
YOU can transform your life today. With the help of our certified health coaches, you can be responsible for your own health and well being. You will get in shape, look good, and feel great as you live a healthy, happy lifestyle with your family and loved ones. And most important, you will have FUN along the way!

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Sumiran Eco Park

Set on 22 acres of nature, surrounded by a secondary rainforest, garden orchard and spacious open fields, is Kuching, Sarawak’s first eco park and resort. It is situated 4km south of the Batu Kawa Bridge, which is just approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the city centre of Kuching.

Sumiran Eco Park & Resort is integrated seamlessly into nature and is an ideal place for fun and recreation. The available natural scenery, well-designed facilities and ample place at Sumiran Eco Park & Resort make it a perfect place for team building, family recreation, and events.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle lifestyle and return to nature by staying with us. Here, the air is fresh, the trees are lush, and you’ll never be bored as we have sports activities such as mountain biking, boot camps, adventure trails, and water activities to keep you entertained.

During BOF, Sumiran will showcase their popular programs with their demonstrations of Bonfire and firedance. In addition to these, together with Jetson Hoo, they will conduct the pre-race warm-up.


Canon Inc. is the world’s largest camera manufacturer with a history spanning over 80 years, during which time they have made some of the most important innovations within both photographic and video technology.

Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd started its operations in 1987 and today it has became a major corporate player in Malaysia. Focused on the objective of providing excellent products and support to Malaysian users,

For both days Canon will conduct photography workshop, models such PADI Mermaid, Pro Outdoor, the participants of SAC, BOF Fun run or cycle offers you many opportunity to learn the technique and bring the best of your camera

Permai Rainforest Resort

Permai Rainforest Resort is an eco-resort located in Borneo, Malaysia. Nestled in the rainforest covering 18 hectares at the foot of Mount Santubong, bordered on 2 sides by Santubong National Park, we offer a variety of adventurous activities, including jungle trekking and 3 -self guided trails, overnight trips into the forest, a High Ropes courses, Stand Up Paddleboarding, and as well as boat trips to the wetlands for dolphin and crocodile watching.

With an abundance of wildlife in the resort including 3 species of monkeys, otters and flying lemurs, it’s the place for adventure seekers wanting to experience Borneo. We are also the premier venue for teambuilding and corporate retreats with a Halal restaurant that overlooks the sea providing sumptuous eastern, western and fusion dishes. Just 32 km from Kuching City, we offer a range of unique accommodation options like our romantic treehouses and the family sized cabins.

At BOF they will introduce their current and new activities and as well as share a bit about the skills of Stand-up paddleboard and kayaking.

Kuching Cycle Hub

Kuching Cycle Hub happy to be part of BOF 2023. Thx to all the brand sponsor Coros, Pangu Outdoor, React, T8, AMMO and Lecka. Kuching Cycle Hub not only actively involve in Cycling segment, but also in other sport equipments (Running and Swimming accessories). More details, welcome drop by Kuching Cycle Hub. https://maps.app.goo.gl/yijBRUYzfhAYYZcT6

Lucky draw items from Kuching Cycle hub


KUPIKUPI FM SARAWAK with its tagline ‘Sama Dirik Pok’ aspires to be the new voice of Sarawak featuring the songs, culture and heritage of the state. “Sama dirik pok” is an affectionate phrase used by Sarawakians to indicate closeness and genuine friendship amongst the people, as the word ‘pok’ is a casual word which is synonymous with ‘brother’.

Broadcasting through 92.5 MHz, our radio station consists of young Sarawakian talents who bring about a fresh sense of togetherness and unity by using music and storytelling as the primary bridge across all ethnic groups and beliefs. Such a radio station has long been anticipated by the young voices as well as local champions from all walks of life. We intend to carry stories of ordinary people of the community who make up the rich social fabric of a proud state we call home.

KUPIKUPI FM SARAWAK also means a safe space for meaningful conversations that we can share with one another thus, creating mutual respect, dignity and pride for the community.

Sama Dirik Pok!

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